Getting into the right crypto during pre-sale can be massive for your portfolio. You could see your investments skyrocket as more and more people learn about it further down the line. It’s a mistake people often make when they invest in well-known projects that already have mass-market adoption, and they’re not getting all that upside. Just imagine if you had picked BTC up during a pre-sale, or ETH, or any of the other coins that went on to make massive gains. 

Investing in those coins now can still be viable, but it isn’t where the real upside is. By picking a pre-sale project that’s got strong fundamentals, you get to enjoy early price discounts and potentially massive gains when it moves further into the mainstream. Many people have made money by investing in lesser-known tokens before they hit main exchanges like Binance. Acceptance onto these exchanges normally leads to some price growth, and if you managed to pick up the same token before it got there, you could make a ton of profit.

But picking the right pre-sale project isn’t always easy, and it isn’t without risk. For every pre-sale coin that makes it big, loads more disappear without a trace. That’s why you need to make sure your pre-sale selection is as strong as possible and invest in credible projects with strong ideas, great tech, great teams, and great execution. There’s one new crypto project that’s just entering pre-sale and has all these features and more, and it could revolutionalize your portfolio if you invest right now.

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is just entering pre-sale, giving you a unique opportunity to invest in a token and be part of it from the ground up. GLO is arguably the most deflationary coin around, with ultra-burn mechanics that reduce supply and ensure scarcity over time. GLO has full 1:1 asset backing from a range of assets, including gold, which actually gives it a gold standard in the crypto world. A price you can really believe in and strong and steady growth potential into the future. That’s why the time to invest in GLO might be right now.

Cronos (CRO)

Cronos acts as a fertile smart contract and app porting platform on Ethereum and other compatible chains. It’s got a strong future in the space and is currently available at a good price that analysts think has the potential to increase. But there’s a reason why CRO holders are moving over to GLO. They see much more upside there and higher returns on investment. CRO is still a good investment but potentially not as good as GLO.

Near Protocol (NEAR)

NEAR investors are also starting to move their investments over to GLO because they see more upside there. The Near Protocol still has incredibly strong tech and incentivizes networks allowing decentralized app creation. It’s quite a high-tech solution in the space and can sometimes be hard to understand for newcomers. But it still has potential, just arguably not as much as GLO.

You’ve got a ton of upside if you invest in GLO right now. It’s got all the tech you need and more and is still available in pre-sale at a discount. That’s why NEAR and CRO holders move their funds to GLO.

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