Ripple has revealed the list of creators joining the XRP Ledger to bring their respective NFT projects to life. The creators have been selected as a part of the first wave of Creator Fund, a commitment that values $250 million.

Projects that have been selected fall under diverse categories, including, but not limited to, carbon credit markets, media, and real estate.

Creators who have been selected are xPunks, Justin Bua, and Steven Sebring. They will now be able to tap into the low-cost, ultra-fast, and carbon-neutral XRP Ledger. A total of 4,000 creators had applied for the Creator Fund in the first wave.

Additionally, Ripple is looking to partner with WENEW Labs and Momento NFT to build on the existing infrastructure and marketplaces. The partnership will enable the integration to XRP LEdger and deliver a seamless experience to the NFT community.

Julian Rodriguez, the Chief Executive Officer of Momento NFT, said that the team was excited to bring celebrities and influencers to create social NFTs on the ledger. Julian Rodriguez added that this would allow fans and collectors to own a moment from their favorite creators.

WENEW Labs also pitched in to state that they were excited to dream of the future with the full support of Ripple’s Creator Fund. WENEW Labs committed that it would create an immersive experience not just for the Web3 community but also for innovative brands that partner with the team.

XRP Ledger is already backed by independent creators who are accessing the facilities of NFT to build their communities and functional use cases. These include Rare Air Media, Zion Clark, Jessica Ragzy, Women Helping Women, and Chef Cecy.

Jessica Ragzy, an NFT artist, said that it was important for her to gain ownership over her creations, adding that she was looking forward to minting a new series of creations on XRP Ledger.

Mark Vancil, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Rare Air Media, appreciated XRP Ledger by saying that it allowed them to open their minds far wider to explore new ways of communicating ideas. Mark Vancil expressed that the team was thrilled to mint their first series on XRP Ledger.

Zion Clark expressed that he was looking forward to making a positive impact through an NFT series on the XRP Ledger. Zion Clark highlighted that his goal was to make a positive impact driven by purpose.

Rebecca Jo, an artist from Women Helping Women, said that she could have never dreamt about the level to which NFTs can empower women in the tech and art industry. Rebecca Jo added that the team wanted to utilize this opportunity to empower, motivate, and inspire women worldwide.

Cecy Meade, an NFT artist, stated that the XRP Ledger would allow her to deliver an experience that is safe and great at the same time for existing & new NFT collectors alike.

The second wave of Ripple’s Creator Fund is expected to be scheduled in the coming months. Interested users can keep track of the development on the official website of Ripple to apply on time.