As a kid, you probably wanted to spend your time playing video games while earning money. However, being a gamer is not a career as your parents may have informed you. The good news is that there are many NFT play-to-earn games!

What are NFT games? As an investment, blockchain games are not yet as well-known as collectible non-fungible tokens, but their future is bright. Every day, more and more intriguing games are released, attracting more and more gamers. The Play-to-Earn industry is expanding rapidly.

If you wish to make money from NFT games in 2022, we will tell you about a brand-new, highly-promising game that has already been released. You will enjoy yourself while playing. 

Drunk Robots: NFT Game with Best ROI

This is one of the NFT play-to-earn games that will give you a great feeling! Imagine owning a cool robot, joining gangs, purchasing weapons on the underground market, engaging in epic PVP battles, and searching the abandoned metropolis of Los Machines for $METAL tokens and alcohol. Drunk Robots is a BNB Chain-powered action-packed NFT RPG. The players will become a part of the dystopian city of Los Machines, which is populated by drunken robots and drug addicts. The residents of Los Machines exist solely for the purposes of fighting and drinking. After acquiring one of 10101 distinct Drunk Robots NFTs, users will be required to find their place in this future hell.

How Do I Begin Playing the Best NFT Games to Make Money?

You must consider three simple factors to begin making money using Drunk Robots: MetaMask app for the smartphone or MetaMask browser extension Connected BNB Chain. Click on the link for instructions, you may require $METAL. It is available on Pancakeswap and The address of the token on BNB Chain is 0x200C234721b5e549c3693CCc93cF191f90C2aF9.

Join Free Mini Games in Drunk Robots

You would be even more motivated if we told you that you may make money for free by playing Drunk Robots minigames. There are two alternatives available:-

The Ninja mini-game is an all-out action game. Here, you must play and beat other users’ records. Check the Leaderboard and ensure that you’re in the top places to begin collecting rewards. All players that score 100 or more points in both games will get $METAL. The Leaderboard is reset every Monday after announcing the top players.

Knockout Play to Earn NFT Minigame – Infinite Runner

This game’s rules are comparable to those of Ninja. Be victorious against other players and maintain a high rank on the Leaderboard. As in Ninja, the Leaderboard is reset to zero every Monday, and the top players receive $METAL. Other methods of earning money while playing Drunk Robots, In addition to minigames, there are additional ways to earn money in Drunk Robots. To engage in these events, a robot is required.

You can get one NFT in-game purchase on the secondary market or buy a crate containing a robot that may or may not be rare, epic, or legendary…

It depends on your good fortune! By the way, you can view the entire collection and find out how to select the ideal robot for you.

PVP Arena

The Arena is the primary mode of play in NFT play-to-earn games such as Drunk Robots. It is a location where you may earn $METAL by engaging in combat with other people.

Once you have your robot, you must specify its position in combat by creating a formation. The formation comprises six positions. Players begin with only one formation slot unlocked, either Frontline or Mid. Other spaces must be acquired in order to be opened.

The formation line can provide a benefit to the robot’s parameters.

Frontline: Melee weapons gain an additional damage bonus

Backline: Range weapons gain DMG boost

The next step is the actual war – begin battling and earn your money! We have created a detailed fight flow so that you are aware of how everything functions. In these NFT games, all ratings on leaderboards are divided into divisions, each of which has its own rating range. The division has robots with ratings, and each division contains its own hash power of the formation.

Therefore, your standing on the leaderboard determines your mining pace via your hash rate. The amount of $METAL extracted from the current season’s pool is determined by the rate of cultivation. This represents your daily revenue. The current season’s pool is one million dollars.

Drunk Races

As soon as you obtain the NFT games’ robot, proceed to the Drunk races homepage and mint your cart. To compete in races, one robot and one cart are required.

In this play to earn NFT game, $METAL is also the primary money for this activity. If you place first, second, or third, you will receive 80 $METAL, 40 $METAL, and 20 $METAL, respectively. The daily ROI estimate for a single typical cart is 120 $METAL. Each race consumes energy, and you have ten races per day per cart.

Each cart has a distance restriction beyond which it must be upgraded to continue racing. Using a specialized set of tools, you may enhance your cart.


How to earn money using the best NFT games? Scavenging is the simplest way to generate passive revenue with your NFT robot. Please note that you cannot earn $METAL if you utilize staking to earn in Drunk Robots.

As you can see, NFT games are free to play, and earning money is not rocket science; anyone can do it. Start playing and have fun if you want to enter the realm of Drunk Robots and become the king of Los Machines.

An exciting new take on the traditional turn-based play-to-earn NFT games, Drunk Robots is powered by BNB Chain. The players will find themselves immersed in the dystopian and decaying city of Los Machines, which is populated by inebriated robots and chemically dependent humans. The only things that the people who live in Los Machines care about are fighting and getting drunk. After acquiring one of the 10101 different Drunk Robots NFTs, users will be forced to navigate their way through this dystopian afterlife on their own.

How To Get Started With The Game?

Web browser with the MetaMask extension installed, or the MetaMask app installed on your mobile device. BNB Chain that is Connected. How to go about it: instruction!

It’s possible that you’ll need some $METAL. It is also available on the website and The token can be found on the BNB Chain at the address that is as follows: 0x200C234721b5e549c3693CCc93cF191f90dC2aF9. Because you don’t need a robot or tokens to begin playing, the game is entirely free to participate in. You only need to achieve a higher score than the game’s previous record. You will find a Leaderboard at the following location:-

The instructions on how to make $10,000 in $METAL with NFT play to earn games are being emailed to anyone who has a score of 100 or above. Every Monday brings about brand new top players. Suppose we have a total of 100 players, and each of them earns 100 $METAL for their efforts. After then, all of the scores on the Leaderboard will be cleared, and a new week will begin.

The NFT Games Rate of the Division Hash

All rankings on leaderboards are broken down into their respective divisions. Each category has its own individualized scale of possible ratings. If a robot has a rating, it falls under the section for that rating.

The hash power of the formation contained in each division is defined by itself. If a formation travels to a different division, the hash power of the formation will change.

In this kind of play to earn NFT games, your rating determines where you stand on the leaderboard, which in turn determines your hash rate, which in turn determines how quickly you can mine coins. The amount of $METAL that you remove from the pool for the current season is proportional to how quickly you farm. This is your income for each day. The season pool currently stands at a total of 5,000,000 $METAL.

ROI The anticipated return on investment (ROI) for one common robot is approximately 128 $METAL every day. This means that in one month, you can make a total of 3,840 $METAL, while the cost of one robot is 5000 $METAL.

During this time, the base price of the robot is approximately $80 at the moment: the market for secondhand goods.

NFT Games Stats to Drunk Robots Universe: They Have Narratives!

What are NFT games for Drunk Robot’s universe? In the not-too-distant future, Robots have completely replaced humans in a wide variety of tasks wherein human work used to be required. Robots, however, are prone to breaking down and operating improperly, just like any other piece of technology. Some are affected by mechanical failures like rust and wear, while others face software problems that result in intelligent malfunctions and irrational behavior. But things could get even more serious if the operating system of the robots fails or if viruses enter the system as a result of an unauthorized connection to the charger.

On the outskirts of a major city is where you’ll find the nation’s largest robo-dump, where broken robots are taken to be discarded. Over the course of time, as the number of exiles continued to rise, the robots eventually began to form their own societies and organize into groups. Because they each had their own unique expertise, the robots were able to fix each other and construct basic hiding places for themselves. A short time ago, things that were considered to be junk started organizing themselves into groups and conducting attacks on the city in search of useful components or an extra can of METAL beer.

In this play to earn the NFT game, the continual attacks by the robots finally grew to be too much for the people living in the city, so they evacuated to safer areas, leaving the city under the control of the many robot gangs and clans.

The robots were successful in establishing complete control over the deserted metropolis, which is now referred to as Los Machines. Now is the moment to begin battling one another and determining which group is the most terrifying mob in history.

The only thing the robots ever require now is the local beer known as METAL, which provides them with the energy they require to continue giving out the pain and to keep their rattling party going on and on forever.

In this play-to-earn NFT game, every day is the same for the drunken buckets of bolts as they hang out at bars before assaulting neighboring cities, looking for a fight, and robbing banks and shops. They do this because they are bored.

A cardboard box from an abandoned bus or a refrigerator is all the housing that the robots will ever need to store their stockpiles of stolen junk and recharge their batteries as a longer-lasting alternative to the constant consumption of METAL. The robots will never run out of junk to store because they will never run out of junk to steal.

There are many different gangs operating in the Los Machines area, and they are always at war with one another in order to claim more territory. The city has been partitioned into numerous different sections, which are then used as sources of METAL tribute by the most powerful gangs. On the other hand, the city is continuously seeing the rise of new gangs. The younger members of the criminal organizations are now prepared to take on the more established criminals and lessen their power.

The local black market is selling a wide variety of NFT in-game purchases, ranging from discarded legendary guns to rags and weaponry. Even though there are no animals or other living things, Los Machines is bustling with activity and life in general.

How to Make Money in Play to Earn NFT Games?

There are a lot of best NFT games to make money. The most common one is through staking, which is where you put your NFTs up as collateral in order to earn rewards. There are also a number of ways to earn money through trading and investing in NFTs, and there are even some games that allow you to directly earn money by playing them. No matter how you choose to make money with NFTs, the important thing is that you have fun doing it.

One of the best things about NFTs is that they open up a whole new world of opportunities for earning money. If you’re looking for something different from the traditional methods of making money, then NFTs are definitely worth considering. With so many different games and platforms to choose from, you’re sure to find something that you enjoy and that can help you earn some extra cash.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today and see how much money you can make by playing NFT games!