After collaborating with hundreds of contributors in EOS Network Foundation (ENF)-sponsored working groups, their research has resulted in the publication of four EOS Blue Papers:

  1. Audit+: For EOSIO-based applications, it provides an overarching framework for security analysis tooling and contract audit.
  2. Core+: Reestablishing EOSIO as a global leader in blockchain technology.
  3. API+: Allowing the next generation of EOSIO-powered dApps to gain access.
  4. Wallet+: EOSIO wallets, SDKs, standards, and additional solutions to help application developers and end-users.

These above-mentioned four Blue Papers provide a comprehensive description of EOS’ current condition, as well as more than seventy-five recommendations for making EOS the best-in-class smart contract development platform for Web3 apps. There are many more such concepts considered for financing to help them go from the research to the development stage, thanks to an ongoing community feedback effort that aims to harness the wisdom of the public by rewarding more community insights.

Right from Research to the Development in Partnering with OCI

The ENF and Object Computing Inc. (OCI) have agreed to work together to develop and implement the Transaction Lifecycle proposal contained in the API+ Blue Paper as the first set of EOS features to move forward into development as a result of the Blue Papers research program.

OCI, a pioneer of enterprise open source solutions, is a modern consulting firm whose technology team offers talents, including machine learning and blockchain, with technological partners like Google and Amazon Web Services.

OCI’s staff comprises over 200 competent developers, including some of the most prominent EOSIO code contributors. Since 2017, OCI has been a prominent contributor to developing EOSIO, having played a key role in its development. OCI engineers have also held EOSIO workshops, visited events, and collaborated with other blockchain projects like Emanate, AirTM, and StrongBlock.

Using the experience of software engineers, OCI is an ideal partner as the ENF continues to help create a vibrant developer ecosystem. They can deploy agile teams with just the required skills for the project at hand, and they can grow irrespective of project complexity.