• Monero draws a slight cumulative uptrend; taking into consideration the past two trading years
  • Although, the short-term remains bearish
  • XMR/USD lacks support from the daily moving averages
  • RSI for Monero has been moving stably as observed the cumulative movement of the coin since the previous year

Monero has been showing consistent and notable lower highs; first in the previous and second in the ongoing year after the bears set in. MACD has been giving a bearish outlook as the coin has been on a continual downtrend. Forgoes all the imminent supports and 49-day MA moves above the 9-day MA confirming the long-term bearishness.

XMR News Price
XMR/USD Chart By TradingView

Monero Price Analysis:

The lower highs have been consistent for two years straight and alongside the XMR coin has been drawing a dipping trend through its 1-month movement on Poloniex. The histogram shows a negative formation, which is right confirmed by the MACD movement of the coin.

However, the intraday movement has shown some growth, although not as noticeable as the fall. Monero, along with other altcoins, has shown slight intraday progress, concerning the movement of Bitcoin above $7,500.

Monero Price News

Analyzing a closer view of the XMR/USD movement over the past 6 months, we see that the coin has drawn a downtrend throughout. Currently, Monero price trades way below 23.60% Fib Retracement area, and exiting the long position can be the wisest decision made. Having a short-selling trade can be a possible rebound for long-term investors. You can check our future price prediction of XMR to find more information about the possible future prices of the Monero coin.