The Kiwi and Aussie Dollar were making quite some noise at the beginning of the day. Altogether, it was a good start for everyone.

Kiwi Dollar Status

Trade data is dedicated to the upbeat retail sales since Tuesday. During July, N.Z. trade succumbed from NZ$280m excess to NZ$402m deficit. The trade deficit is thickening with every passing year.

As per the statistics of NZ$

  • Within July, the import of the total goods spiked up by NZ$1.6 bn. The figure is 35% higher than the amount collected in July 2020.
  • Vehicles, accessories, parts, and others were among the huge contributors that increased import to NZ$555m.
  • Petroleum and similar products exhibited substantial increases of almost NZ$399m. Petroleum and products also saw a significant increase, with imports up NZ$399m.
  • Goods have showcased an increase of 15% from NZ$760m to NZ$5.8bn.
  • The Kiwi Dollar has shifted from $0.69485 to $0.69455 because of the released figures. Presently, the Kiwi Dollar was down to $0.6935 by 0.24%. At this time, you can also explore more platforms like the forex broker New Zealand & choose as needed.

Aussie Dollar

Construction job-related figures for the second quarter were released this morning. As per the recent figures, construction work increased by 0.8%. However, the forecast was to expect a nearly 2.5% increase. If we talk about the previous quarter, the price rose by 2.4%.  

Due to the release of the figure, the Aussie Dollar spiked to $0.72554 from $0.72546. Presently, the Aussie Dollar is dealing at a loss of 0.06% and is at $0.7254. You can also explore more platforms like the top forex brokers in Australia & choose as needed.

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While penning the blog, the Japanese Yen was trading at ¥109.800 against the U.S. Dollar with a loss of 0.14%.