The creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, expressed his joy over the final release of Litecoin Core 0.18.1 through a tweet. He is thankful all to all the creators who have worked on this new update. He also talks about the upcoming release, i.e., Litecoin 0.20, which will make it stand in line with the latest Bitcoin Core. So, read more and stay tuned with us for more information and keep yourself updated.

With one more tweet further, Lee talks about the release of Litecoin 0.20, which is supposed to be done before David Burkett’s work for MimbleWimble is done. Burkett is a crypto-anarchist and grin developer. Lee wishes to see the 0.20 first and then release it, it will further include MW as the extension along with a soft fork.

With a further tweet, he talks about the addition of Jeremey Rubin’s CheckTemplateVerify (CTV) feature as the soft fork. Lee believes that this is a great feature, and adding this will allow us to test the capability of the new smart contract capabilities.

This new version comprises some latest features, bug fixes, and improves performance, and along with this, it also updates translations. The users are advised to update to this version soon.

If the users are running with the old version, they will have to first shut it down. The shutdown will take a few minutes or so. After it is completely shut down, the user will have to run an installer (on Windows). When the user runs version 0.15.0 or any newer version, their chain state database will be converted with a new format. The process may take a few minutes or approximately half an hour, and that depends on the user’s system speed.

The users should make a note that upgrading directly from 0.7.x without redownloading the blockchain will not be supported. The old wallet version is still supported as usual.