• Bitcoin is up by 4%, where Ripple is still down by 0.25%.
  • Ripple’s strong dependence on fundamentals is probably the reason for delayed setoff.

Unlike all other times, Ripple seems to have been going in the opposite direction of Bitcoin. As Bitcoin, for the last two days, is up by 4%, Ripple is yet to show any significant growth. Both the coins share a bullish medium-term outlook. Let us find out the current details of both the coins now.

Bitcoin – Ripple Price Statistics-

2nd August 05:16 UTC Bitcoin (BTC) Ripple (XRP)
Rank 1st 3rd
ROI (Return on Investment) 7,587.40% 5,284.38%
Coin Circulation 17,852,175 BTC 42,872,646,068 XRP
Market Cap 185,731,346,517 USD 13,550,877,210 USD
Value in USD 10,385.20 USD 0.3150 USD
All-Time High 20,089 USD 3.84 USD
24h Volume 16,793,274,874 USD 848,102,558 USD


Bitcoin – Ripple Price Comparison-

BTC vs XRP price chart August 02
BTC vs XRP Price Chart by TradingView

Bitcoin started the day with a slight blow, and it cost the coin 2.27% by 06:46 UTC. However, the loss of 230 USD by the first swing was covered up by the next huge push of almost 6%, and the coin reached 10,487 USD after gaining 590 USD. But Ripple showed different track. It started the day with a steep dip of 2.50% and reached the lowest point of the day at 0.3121 USD. However, over the next 6 hours from 10:20 UTC, the coin gained 0.0031 USD and was being traded near 0.3151 USD.

The third swing for Bitcoin was another fall of 141.70 USD, and this deduction of 1.35% happened between 20:37 UTC and 00:36 UTC. So, Bitcoin closed yesterday with around 10,300 USD price level. There was a small yet significant hike of 0.50% and by 05:12 UTC, it made the coin to be placed near 10,395 USD. Ripple’s third swing came as a good sign and made the investors rich by 1.57%. And this helped the coin to close yesterday near 0.3196 USD. The last swing pushed the coin from 0.3180 USD to 0.3144 USD over two and a half hours.

 Bitcoin – Ripple Price Prediction-

Bitcoin seems to have started its journey towards 15,000 USD, and Ripple may take little longer to start. But the medium-term is bullish for both the coins.

Bitcoin (BTC) Ripple (XRP)
1st Resistance 10590.38667 USD 0.32146 USD
2nd Resistance 10781.10333 USD 0.325014 USD
3rd Resistance 11115.28667 USD 0.329177 USD
1st Support 10065.48667 USD 0.313743 USD
2nd Support 9731.303333 USD 0.30958 USD
3rd Support 9540.586667 USD 0.306026 USD



Bitcoin and Ripple are the two top-ranked coins which do work as market determinants. As the whole market is expected to gain significantly before 2020, these two coins also have a very bright fate.