The has joined hands with Moonriver Bridge. This relationship is critical for BEPRO Network’s Public blockchain since it will provide a fast and accurate link for the BEPRO token from Ethereum to Moonriver. is a decentralized web service platform that allows developers to create SDKs and enable blockchain-based apps.

Meter is a platform for connecting smart contracts across blockchains and assisting them in scaling their capabilities. The entire bridging from Meter to Moonriver is the company’s official bridge, allowing twenty+ assets to be transferred between blockchain networks. The Kusama network and Moonriver parachain will be linked to Meter, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. This is a critical stage in BEPRO Network’s Moonriver mainnet deployment plan. 

Individuals at BEPRO Network are dedicated to developing the most reliable and useful Independent System for Decentralized Advancement. A market and platform that links programmers and administrators, as well as anyone else interested in creating open-source programming repositories.

BEPRO Network’s purpose is to establish an environment of tools and information for programmers and businesses planning to develop decentralized apps quickly and securely. By managing the platform and offering resources to develop, they foresee a place where builders and developers may manage network issues, participate, and earn token rewards.

BEPRO Network’s deployment on the Moonriver mainnet is nearing completion, and they want to make absolutely sure that the move to the public blockchain via Meter’s token bridge solution runs as smoothly as possible.

About Meter

Meter is an Ethereum scalability system that supports built-in metastable gas money. As a layer-two technology, it links to Ethereum as well as other blockchains, allowing smart contracts to grow and interact across diverse public blockchains.

About BEPRO Network

BEPRO Network is a framework that supports DeFi, Gambling, Betting Markets, and other applications. We are a Code-as-a-Service protocol that provides blockchain-based apps with tools and assistance.