Today at CryptoNewsZ, we have with us Mr. Sean Kim, the CEO of ACENT Technologies

CryptoNewsZ: Welcome to CryptoNewsZ Sean! Our readers would love to know more about you and ACENT.

I am the lead solution architect and visionary of ACENT blockchain technologies. I co-create the creative architecture and business value of ACENT blockchain with a powerful team. My business mission is to contribute to the mass adoption of decentralized economies and transparent web services by deploying compelling products which can be compared side by side with traditional IT products such as high-end gaming applications to essential Social Media Platforms. We are achieving our mission with our patented technology which is rooted in deploying distributed incentivized p2p web services through our unique PoR algorithm.

CryptoNewsZ: What makes ACENT’s ecosystem unique?

ACENT is an attractive blockchain platform for mass adoption of high-performance applications optimized for freedom of expression for businesses and new emerging alternative economies on metaverse-based internet services. For instance, it’s a unique tool for people who want to build visually stunning blockchain applications and launch them in a public meta-space that is as large as the actual size of our planet or more. Your Earth DAO will be a good technical demonstration of what the ACENT blockchain is currently doing. We envision big changes in the way people experience web services and we want to be the trendsetter in the area of metaverse applications(meta-app) deployment for industrial-grade products.

You may notice that the ACENT ecosystem can be expanded dramatically through the deployment of Your Earth DAO(YED). Businesses in the physical world can copy-paste their business model and launch their service in the YED even if they are not necessarily blockchain-related. For example, picture in your mind, a person who wants to create a crypto version of an automobile brand. Let’s call it “Asla motors” as this person was inspired by Tesla motors in the physical world. 

Firstly, as they consider building their business on the Your Earth DAO using ACENT, Asla motors gains the ability to incubate their business by monetizing its services through tokenization by using the ACENT blockchain to deploy their services in the meta-space. In this way, significant support and facilitation to onboard new businesses into the meta-blockchain habitat of ACENT is foreseeable. Our goal is not to simply build an immersive web experience with stunning graphical quality but also to break down the entry barriers for traditional businesses to join the new vision of immersive web powered by the ACENT blockchain. Their tokens would be used as an in-app currency, for governance decisions, sales of their products, revenue distribution of profits made from their business, raising money for their business, and other still yet to be discovered functionalities. 

Your Earth DAO is not just a gaming product, a shallow launchpad for experimental dapps, or a developer tool. It is a basic social infrastructure layer solution with an architecture that can create jobs and full-scale alternative lifestyles for its users whether you are an influencer, business owner, content creator, or meta-app developer company. We dedicate ourselves to creating a decentralized meta-space where you want to truly live life to your fullest potential through the implementation of alternative decentralized economies and meta-realities for you to create another first life and become altered characters of your own making. Wouldn’t it be amazing to live, make a living and create your own digital reality in a transparent world away from the corruption and limitations of the physical world? Our vision is to naturally allow your meta-life in an alternative decentralized meta-space on the ACENT blockchain to bring value back to the physical reality so we can undo the damage society is currently facing. For us, it’s not a question of IF but a question of WHEN.

Secondly, Alsa motors would be able to drive meta-commerce sales by publishing their virtual cars in the Your Earth DAO as utility NFTs. Notice how it is not difficult to create virtual assets with real functionalities with the tools that are compatible with the Your Earth DAO such as Unreal Engine, Unity game engines. This is a significant step forward for offering a compelling value proposition as a consumer experience because developing for Your Earth DAO on the ACENT blockchain becomes much easier and faster at the same time provides unlimited expressional freedom than using SDKs or web editors for metaverse applications deployment which the current generation of metaverse-mimicking projects are barely providing. This would allow the users of Your Earth DAO to purchase, own and use actual functional NFT cars within the metaverse for transportation or own them as a limited edition investment collection. 

Thirdly, Asla would be able to create a showroom so users can visit, see, and test drive their products through VR/AR by owning a public physical location within YED public meta-space. Realize that this is a much more compelling commercial experience for the user as it is much more engaging and interactive than just visiting their webpage in a traditional sense. Building a site in the YED meta-space has a much more expanded meaning. 

Asla motors site would be placed in a virtual location with an actual longitude and latitude within the YED public meta-space. Instead of websites with built-in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, developers would submit their sites in unreal engine-built files. People would visit the Asla showrooms to interact with their products by searching for them in the liberty meta-search engine and teleporting to the Asla automobile zone in the YED. The owner of Asla motors would require to own land and a good recognizable MRL(meta-resource locator) domain address in YED purchased with ACENT. More details on this will be provided in our soon-to-be-released new ACENT white paper v2. 

Fourthly, Asla would be able to launch a gaming application with high-end graphics and play-to-earn capabilities to manage around-the-clock esports competitions. 

Last but not least, if Asla motors produce and sell physical cars, all of the above business models would be a new way of adding exponential value to the consumer as well as boosting the sales of their cars in the physical world. It is hard to tell whether the meta-service side of the business in the physical world will deliver higher sales but we can definitely easily tell that the shopping experience for physical goods on the YED powered by the immersive gamified web service of ACENT blockchain will be much more engaging and exciting. 

You may realize that Asla motors may be just a small example of the types of meta-commerce and meta-application that may be created within this new emerging economy. Imagine what other business models could be created in social media, gaming, finance, virtual real estate, and entertainment applications in this new web architecture. 

All in all, with the recent advent and fast adoption of metaverse concepts, some of you may already have noticed that the pieces of technologies and experiences are fragmented across different ecosystems. We know that one service will provide a scalable correct package of all essential features. ACENT blockchain is moving to become the first leader among more to come.

CryptoNewsZ: What should your latest project ‘YOUR EARTH’ be called? Would it be a  Virtual World project or Land project? Also, is it more independent as a project or does it exist to support ACE? 

Your Earth DAO is a new web service running at the base layer of ACENT mainnet. It is designed to be the ideal form of what I call an immersive gamified web. This is not rendered within the browser but will be using DAPPX as in the Osiris web3 browser as the “steam” like application management service powered by our unique ODIN architecture. It is designed to allow the publishing and development of businesses and high-performance applications within a public meta-space of the actual size of our Planet. 

Using ACENT as the base currency, new jobs and economies are created by compensating users based on the amount of traffic they attract. This may be easy to understand as it has the same compensation logic as past web applications such as youtube or Facebook. An easier way of visualizing this is to imagine a Ready-Player-One style web service. Realize that with the advent of a new breed of consumers seeking instant emotional gratification through short compelling visual cues and the proliferation/evolution of AV/VR technologies I think a much more exciting innovative way of experiencing the web should become a reality. 

If you are a fast thinker you may notice that it is not a question of IF, but WHEN. We know that the current metaverse products do not offer anything compelling for the consumer because of their technical limitations. So far, there’s nothing significant that you can do with these products except, walk around and play minigames. Your Earth DAO’s are designed to change that. It is capable of allowing anyone to develop, submit and publish what we call “meta-apps”. Meta-apps are defined as full-scale applications such as high-end games, CDN (Content Delivery Network), or Social media platforms within the Your Earth DAO thanks to our unique architecture which allows 3rd party developers to publish ACENT meta-apps with powerful tools such as Unity and Unreal Engine. 

In your mind, you may imagine launching your own version of p2e starcraft or dota2 for people to enjoy. Our first show-off case of this is a “league of legends” style p2e application we will fully render inside the virtual Your Earth DAO service. We cannot wait to provide more details about the businesses you will be able to create and products you can make soon. This is done using the ACENT blockchain as it is the essential web fabric that powers our unique Crypto Engine and Desktop Application Management Assets that will be embedded into the Osiris web3 browser. This is how we define a scalable metaverse service on the ACENT blockchain. 

ACENT is defined as the pinnacle of the gamified immersive web with aspects of decentralization intact. As you know the first generation of blockchain networks are not able to render these capabilities due to their limitations in scalability. They were simply not built to deliver a compelling consumer-grade web service. We believe that the freedom of expression in a base meta-service should not be limited to old architecture. Your Earth DAO running on the ACENT blockchain is making that a reality.

CryptoNewsZ: When do you plan to launch ‘YOUR EARTH’? 

As we are confident in the unique value proposition of what we are building. We know that what we possess is unique and very hard to replicate. We want to deliver true value by setting up the standard of quality of what a meta-service should be like. This is why we want to give the opportunity to test-drive our service to our loyal fans first. We still start with early sales of NFTs and land ownership. Then we will open and introduce the service to the people who own Alpha tester season pass NFTs. The sales of land are scheduled to begin in April. The ability to experience the Your Earth DAO meta-space and interact inside it is planned to be sometime in 2022. Stay tuned to the ACENT or DAPPX Twitter accounts for updates on how to become an early bird.  

CryptoNewsZ: How does YE stand out compared to many other Virtual World projects such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, etc? 

Your Earth DAO has a young and fresh architecture that allows the users to create products, assets, new jobs, and businesses in meta-services without the limitations set by the old technical limitations. Sandbox and Decentraland are great innovators in the field of meta-services. However, you probably may have noticed that they are gaming products that are not able to provide hyper-realistic stunning visual components or advanced software mechanics because they are confined within the development tools that they have built. In other words, users don’t have anything significant, meaningful, or interesting to do because they are confined within the expressive capabilities of their own SDKs. We have noticed that they are not built to compete with an ecosystem that allows publishing applications using powerful tools such as Unreal Engine 5. 

Your Earth DAO allows Unreal Engine 5 or Unity game engines to be used for developing blockchain applications within a public meta-space. This is why I define Your Earth DAO as a service. Your Earth DAO in itself does not have strong gaming features aside from traffic compensation and mining resources. However, it can allow the community to develop applications of any kind that have stunning high-end immersive graphics which can compete side by side with today’s triple-A gaming or motion picture industry products. Imagine a p2e version of the game battleground being rendered straight within the meta-space or a metaverse version of “Youtube” in which users can experience spatial 3D rendered visual content which actually moves into the motion picture through VR gear. If this sounds too much to take, ask yourself if this can be done in an unreal engine or unity today? The obvious answer is yes. Is there a decentralized platform or blockchain with the architecture that allows the publishing and a public meta-space for people to meet? Our goal is to create an enhanced version of reality where people can enjoy the benefits of decentralized technologies while not being affected by the limitations of physical reality. We call this idea “One Perfect Life” in Your Earth DAO on the ACENT blockchain. We use the term Live-to-Earn(L2E) meta-applications to define these powerful concepts. 

It is called Your Earth DAO on the ACENT blockchain.

CryptoNewsZ: It is believed that the launch of YOUR EARTH will have a positive impact on the price of ACE and DAPPX. What are your views on the same? 

We are proud and confident of the tokenomics of the ACENT blockchain to deploy an attractive business model for meta-applications such as Your Earth DAO. We are here to set new standards for the current and future generations of web architecture. We know that past web2 and web3 products will always co-exist. At the same time, we can also know that change is inevitable. Somebody needs to set up the foundational base social infrastructure for it to exist. I know that innovation moves at the speed of thought these days. That should tell a lot about the world we will create with ACENT powered services and technologies. When designing our tokenomics and the ecosystem, we decided to create an architecture that would appreciate the value of ACENT considerably.

As the ACENT habitat expands every day, we think that DAPPX valuation will improve dramatically when the users start realizing that it is the only launchpad and publishing platform for meta-applications on the ACENT mainnet. Setting aside all technicalities, we are confident that the ODIN architecture which we are adding to the value of DAPPX will let users understand what we mean by the “steam” of blockchain. Stay tuned for the release of high-end powerful play-to-earn games such as COBA which is a blockchain version of MOBA games such as the critically acclaimed “league of legends” or “DOTA”. We expect an increase in users as these products are released with exclusive DAPPX support. 

In conclusion, as we continue to work hard and dedicate ourselves to appreciating the value of ACENT and DAPPX. CryptoNewsZ: We thoroughly enjoyed this insightful interview with you, Sean, it gave us a deep insight into ACENT’s Ecosystem and the value it brings to the market. We wish you luck in all your future endeavors!